5 Benefits of Athletic Competition

What are the benefits of enrolling your child in a competitive sports program like Hoopstarz? At Hoopstarz, we love sharing the game of basketball, but we also believe there are other benefits to participating in competitive sports. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Physical Fitness
Participating in team sports offers our youth the opportunity to achieve better physical fitness. With child obesity at all-time highs in our country, competitive sports like basketball can be a huge step towards keeping our youth fit, active, and healthy!

2. Teamwork
The game of basketball helps our youth learn to work together towards a common goal. Some players begin to take on leadership roles, while others may gravitate towards more supportive roles. The skills learned on the court can help children build confidence and become better team players with their classmates, friends, and families.

3. Goal Setting
Athletic competition creates an opportunity for students to learn about setting and reaching goals. Whether it be to complete a lay-up, score a point, improve their defense, or to win a game, competitive play provides a safe space for players to work towards achieving personal and team goals. Often, we find players will surprise themselves by surpassing what they thought they were capable of!

4. Sportsmanship
Competitive sports also provide a learning experience for players to accept loss with grace and integrity. Participants learn to encourage, acknowledge, and respect other players for a job well done. As players develop a love for basketball, they learn to enjoy the process of playing the game rather than focusing on the outcome of winning or losing.

5. Friendship
Most of our participants meet new friends and teammates through our basketball programs. This happens naturally, since they meet others with shared interests and experience the challenge of learning together. Participating in team sports is a great way to build camaraderie, and we find most of our players have formed new friendships at the end of a season.

These are just a few of the benefits we have observed from participating in competitive sports. If you’d like to sign your child up for Hoopstarz, please visit our Classes or Programs pages for more info!