With laid back beach days at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz to the south and Silicon Valley tech giants brainstorming to the north, parents in Los Gatos are looking for something right between the two — something to keep their kids having fun in a productive way this summer.

Hoopstarz Basketball has the answer: introduce your kids to the healthy, fun game of basketball!  We are dedicated to the understanding of basketball, the development of the game, and the pursuance of life skills and confidence, and we are determined to help your kids grow both on and off the court.

Top 5 reasons to enroll your kids with Hoopstarz Basketball

  1. Healthy kids are happy kids.  After a school year full of desk time and learning, summer is the time kids get to have fun.  Let them get their abundant energy out on the court, not in the house.  This is good for them and good for you too!
  2. Hoopstarz is devoted to “Life Skillz” by helping kids grow in ways not just helpful on the court, but essential in life.  We help them develop leadership, communication and strategic skills so they can be ready: preparing them for that inevitable day when summer ends and it’s time to hit the books again.  Like John Wooden said, “Failure to prepare is preparing for failure.”
  3. Parents by definition are busy.  Whether it’s personal or professional responsibilities, getting a few hours to take care of yourself while your kids get to play basketball in a fun and friendly environment is essential not just for them, but helps your own sanity too!
  4. Hoopstarz builds peaceful Warriors.  Without neglecting the competitive aspects of the sport, Hoopstarz teaches kids that success is in working hard, not in winning.  By learning to work hard and trust themselves to do their best, kids come away from Hoopstarz camps with more confidence that they can carry with them always.
  5. Hoopstarz is special, and so are our kids.  While most basketball camps focus on developing individual skills, at Hoopstarz we focus on developing a strong and supportive team.  We do this by emphasizing the special skills each individual brings to the court and how the team can benefit and encourage each other’s uniqueness.  No one leaves a Hoopstarz class without knowing that special something they brought to the court, and learning how to appreciate each other’s special contributions.

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