The first Hoopstarz coaching workshop went off with the sonic boom of success filling the court! Ten aspiring Hoopstarz coaches joined us in Palo Alto Saturday to learn about Hoopstarz philosophy, practice, and to get immediate experience working with kids.

After a brief introduction by head coach Adam Dallas, the participants played “Bet you didn’t know” to learn about each other and to test a critical skill to coaching: intuition. We then learned about the 7 traits of a great coach (see our blog HERE for details) and why each one is important to develop as a coach. For example, Trait #2 (Healthy Communication), Adam explained, involves looking students in the eye and getting eye level with them when speaking to them.

Dallas explained that this habit, and making sure you follow through on what you say as you look them in the eye, inspires respect between players and coaches.

After getting to practice some coaching skills with each other outside, we moved to the gym in the afternoon where kids greeted us and the participants got to practice coaching right there and then.

All the coaches showed the essential trait of a Hoopstarz coach—enthusiasm—and we hope to see all of them again on the Hoopstarz team soon!