Every few months Hoopstarz runs a youth coaching workshop that is attended by a small group of aspiring coaches. In our most recent we were graced with 12 enthusiastic individuals ranging from ages 14-45 and it was fantastic!

We spent part of the workshop recreating a typical youth coaching environment. This allowed our future coaches to not only understand the theory behind coaching but also how to put that theory into practice!  They were able to use their basketball knowledge to create appropriate drills for all ages, skill levels, and learning styles.

We also focused part of the workshop on life skills that our coaches will be able to bring with them throughout life. They learned how to cultivate the 7 essential traits of a great youth basketball coach (see our blog HERE for details), as well as skills in organization, time management, communication, presentations, customer service, and collaboration.

Here at Hoopstarz we try to take full advantage to motivate and inspire individuals! We understand that life is about having fun and being apart of a team. The enthusiasm from these 12 future coaches was contagious and we are looking forward to hosting our next event, allowing for our family to expand even more!

If you are interested in attending our next coaching workshop, please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page, or email coach Dallas at moc.l1585868740labte1585868740ksabz1585868740ratsp1585868740ooh@m1585868740ada1585868740.